Hailing from musical hot spot of Cape Town, South Africa, Half Price has been rocking the South African music scene for over 15 years. The band has toured extensively locally but heretofore U.S. audiences have been clueless to their potent sound and African punk music in general. Which is kind […]


Finally It’s here. Punk Outlaw Records is proud to present Tarkaany! (Cockroaches) debut English language release “Russian DemoCrazy”. After rocking Russia, Europe and Asia since 1991, Tarakany! has put together a master piece of 14 killer tracks with a star studded line up of guest artists from all over the […]

  • It Is What It Is

    To produce Normandie Blue’s debut release, Alex Blue secured the services of legendary producer and musician, John Avila (Oingo Boingo, Quetzal, Reel Big Fish, etc.).  There were no half-measures. The band submerged themselves into six months of pre-production to insure they were at the top of their game when it […]

  • “Evolution of the Transition”

    After five years of struggle, UPS! (Against the System!) has released their debut album which translated means “Evolution of the Transition” written, performed and recorded in their hometown of Novi Sad at “Socijala Studios”. UPS! is Punk Outlaw Records’ first band signed from outside of the Americas and hails from […]

  • Conflicto de Espacio Blanco

    Classic, old fashioned American Rockabilly just got a dose of flavor from South America, Colombian style. The Dorados Rockabilly Trio from Medellin, Colombia present their debut release, “Conflicto de Espacio Blanco” (The White Space Conflict). Featuring 6 original tracks with Spanish and English lyrics, “Conflicto de Espacio Blanco” has that […]

  • Punktology Vol. 1 – Free Cuba Now

    Punktology Volume 1 – Free Cuba Now!  The compilation features independent punk and hardcore music from Latin America and the Caribbean.  The collection strives to showcase a variety of punk music from Latin America and the Caribbean to North American and European audiences.  The title “Free Cuba Now” was chosen […]

  • El Fin Justifica Los Medios

    Los Suziox, the famed punk band from Medellin, Colombia, present their classic CD “El Fin Justifica Los Medios” (The End Justifies the Means) available now on I-tunes, Amazon Music and more. Released by Punk Outlaw Records in 2011, the CD features the “Armas Silenciosas” (Silent Arms) a future punk classic […]

  • Medellin es Punk

    Lokekeda has been rocking their hometown of Medellin, Colombia for years. More specifically, Lokekeda, which roughly translated means a “mixture of leftover food”, has been proudly helping to represent the punk scene in their barrio of Envigado in the southern part of the city. While Envigado is not as hardscrabble […]

  • Psychos with wax

    Rudos Wild hails from Montevideo, Uruguay… a small country way down south in South America. But make no mistake, there is nothing small about this band’s sound. Psychos With Wax is a loud, in your face, rollicking, raucous yet melodious bit of punkabilly music mixed with Spanish and English lyrics. […]