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Our pals from Cape Town South Africa, Half Price, have teamed up with “Alive at Midnight” for a cool CD coming out soon and here is the first song from […]


  Los Suziox Rocks Medellin Colombia’s “El Sub” at 15th Anniversary Show    


Our pal from Colombia Phil Rocker (formerly Dorados Rockabilly Trio) recently made his debut at Viva Las Vegas. Like me, you may wish you could have been there to witness […]


Back in June of this year (2016) I returned to Cuba for the 2nd (and most likely final) time, having been there in 2009 (read about that trip HERE) After […]


Our pals from South Africa “Half Price” have been around for a while and they’re making a brand new documentary called “Still Playing Punk”, just like the name of my […]


CAPE TOWN PUNK ROCK PIONEERS “HALF PRICE” DEBUT “STRAIGHT OUTTA’ (SOUTH) AFRICA” FOR U.S. AUDIENCES   – Punk Outlaw Records Signs African Band in Futile Bid to Become P. Diddy of […]


I’ve heard a lot of punk bands in my life… from all over the world. From Asia to Latin America to Russia, Europe and the U.S. and I’ve heard some […]


Medellin, Colombia: Los Suziox is out with a new song “Por Devocion”. You can check it out here. ;


Los Suziox has a batch of new songs and their 2nd release, Battle Against Ignorance, is coming soon! And it’s a good one! Stay tuned and remember that Knowledge is […]


An emerging punk & underground music scene in Southeast Asia is the backdrop to upcoming episodes of Raw Travel. Thanks to KOP Rock Band of Vietnam for the killer music […]


Tarakany’s! (Cockroach) 1st English language CD “Russian Democrazy” features a killer track entitled “God & Police” with Chris Barker from Anti-Flag singing along and perhaps not surprisingly, it’s one of my favorites on the entire […]


First of all I’d like to thank everyone who supported us during our 1st season of Raw Travel. There are too many folks to thank individually but without their help, […]


GOOD NEWS! Our pals the Dorados Rockabilly Trio is going on tour. En La Ruta 2014 (On the Road 2014) will begin in Medellin May 15th, 2014. After that the […]


Our buddy Alex Blue from the band Normandie Blue is featured in this month’s publication of 7th Circle. Check the article HERE.