Raw Travel’s “Cuba Undercover” Features Cuban Punks

Back in June of this year (2016) I returned to Cuba for the 2nd (and most likely final) time, having been there in 2009 (read about that trip HERE)

After staying for a few days, we had to leave on Friday morning so we hit Calle G on Thursday night to see if the “Los Freakies” were again out. It being a Thursday night, it was nothing like I had experienced before on a weekend where hundreds of kids were hanging out, but there were a few dozen punks and one of them looked very familiar.

Turned out, and I figured this out ONLY after I returned and was able to compare the footage, he was one of the young punks I had hung out with back in 2009 and neither of us realized it.

If you want to see the new interview, you will have to watch “Raw Travel – Cuba Undercover” (visit www.RawTravel.tv/WhereToWatch).

Here is the trailer.