Fertil Miseria

  • Colombia

Fertil Miseria

Fertil Miseria is a legendary hardcore band hailing from the city of Medellin, Colombia. Perhaps because of it’s troubled past, Medellin is a city which knows a thing or two about punk and metal music, with a vibrant, tight knit scene that supports dozens of punk and hardcore artists and is the home of such punk heavyweights as I.R.A. and Los Suziox.

Lead singer Viki Castro, who sports tattoos rather than hair on her head, rips through each Fertil Miseria song as if she’s personally angry and upset at the injustice that still prevails in Colombia and all of Latin America. And maybe she is.

In this case, anger seems like a proper fuel for really good hardcore music. Fertil Miseria has toured throughout Colombia  playing the biggest of music festivals in the country including, Rock Al Parque (Rock in the Park) in Bogota, to an audience of well over 50,000 people.

Yet Fertil Miseria remains accessible to their legions of loyal fans who seem to mob them wherever they go. We are happy to offer Fertil Miseria’s two songs, Fronteras Assesinas (Killer Borders) and Exploitation Capitalista (Capitalist Exploitation) on the Punktology Vol. 1 compilation CD. We hope to have more coming from this legendary hardcore band very soon.


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