Hungary for Some Travel – Eastern Europe Here We Come!


I’m stressed and money is always on my mind. I always feel the need to buy stuff and consume more than I need. Why the other day I grabbed a handful of napkins that the lady at the fast food counter gave me and used them all!

I feel really ill informed and disconnected from world events. The radio stations are all playing the same damn garbage and even National Public Radio is getting on my nerves with their politically correct jargon. Hey U.S. news media, the Middle East is not the entire world! Yes, they have oil, yes, they have terrorism and problems, but every now and then I’d like to know what’s up in other parts of the world.

If I hear the word “austerity” (somehow it needs to be said with a British accent) or see another “expose” on how Wall Street scumbags are NOT going to jail for what they did to the economy I’m going to throw up.