Photos From “Bettie Page” Shoot Featuring The Lovely Nentini

You may remember our buddies from Medellin, Colombia, The Dorados Rockabilly Trio, one of the few, true rockabilly bands in the entire country (there is an emerging pyschobilly scene in Bogota).  I was really impressed with Dorados’ passion for rockabilly music, in a country where rockabilly music is a very foreign concept.

My rockabilly friends in California and New York have often told stories about the looks and questions they get when they travel outside the “culture zones” of Cali and NYC in areas less familiar with Rockabilly music and subcultures, like the midwest or deep south.

Well, imagine if you can being in a place like Colombia… so long isolated from the rest of the world, where even being a punk, is bound to draw some stares (or a Gringo, take it from me), much less rockabilly with the pompadour hair, retro clothes, tattoos and the 1950′s and 60′s Americana look.