Music Box Closing Leaves LA Promoters in Lurch

Here in LA, word that the Music Box (AKA Henry Fonda Theater) was closing has got the town talking. My source went by yesterday and sure enough, they were moving furniture, etc. and generally acting like an outfit that is shutting down. Word is that it was a dispute with their landlord that put the current venue operators out on the street, literally. Problem is, for promoters, who had put down deposits for dates on upcoming concerts, they are not sure where their money is or when they will be getting their refund? Not to mention having to look for another home for their concerts.

WNBC reports it’s a temporary situation, we’ll see. Rumor is Goldenvoice, the storied punk concert promotion company in LA, is thinking of taking over. I hope so. I really respect Goldenvoice and think that in a pretty scummy business, music promotion, they are the top of the heap and run their business in an honorable way best I can tell.

Stay tuned.