Los Suziox

December 27th, 2011

Los Suziox (The Dirty) is a uniquely talented punk band hailing from the hilly streets of the working class barrios of Medellin, Colombia.  Los Suziox (LSZX) is the epitome of Do It Yourself (DIY) punk, having independently recorded several tracks and self managed an extensive touring schedule, despite lacking resources that many North American musicians take for granted. Make no mistake. LSZX is not just another hard working and popular Latin rock band. This quartet of musicians are first rate artists, with a large repertoire of songs that has garnered them legions of loyal fans in their native Colombia and […]


January 17th, 2011

DMTR is a punk band from Quito, Ecuador, a place well known for it’s hardcore and heavy metal and less for the type of melodic punk that DMTR cranks out. Yet, DMTR, which take their name from Demeter, the Georgian Greek Goddess of fertility and nature, takes their homegrown style of punk very seriously. In addition to a crazy fast beat that’s impossible not to move to, wrecking pit or not, their songs feature powerful lyrics that cover a wide range of social issues, like corruption, war and abuse of power; themes that have unfortunately plagued Ecuador since the Spaniards arrived […]