UPS! (Stand Against the System)

Out of the ashes of war and in the aftermath of state fueled hate, rises UPS!, a hardcore, punk rock band from Petrovac na Mlavi, Serbia (the former Republic of Yugoslavia). “UPS!” is an abbreviation for “Ustani Protiv Sistema” which translated means “Stand Against the System”.

No stranger to the atrocities of war during the last century, Petrovac na Mlavi can now boast having the distinction of spawning the first Serbian punk band ever signed to a U.S. record label.

UPS! formed in late 2006 but creating a punk band is never easy and it’s even tougher in post war Serbia. The guys were penniless, but they believed in their vision and persevered and began searching for rehearsal space and borrowing instruments.

Initially, the band played a lot of but they gradually began to create a lot of original songs.  They practiced wherever they could and if they couldn’t find a spot, they’d practice in a sheep meadow with a confused shepherd wondering what new atrocity could be visiting his now peaceful city.

In 2009 they recorded a demo album which was released as a free download. Then they won the qualification rounds of the GBOB Serbia contest (a country wide battle of the bands) and made it to Belgrade where they earned the distinction of being the only punk band to reach the finals.

In late 2010 they had their first opportunity to tour outside of Serbia and they successfully toured in nearby Slovenia and Croatia with the band “White Stain” from Ljubljana. In the spring of 2011 the Band toured Switzerland and played the Hicktown Festival Vol.4 and shared stage with other hardcore and punk bands from Austria and the Netherlands.

UPS!’s influences include Pennywise, Rancid, Bad Religion, NoFX and Bouncing Souls, as well as local bands Atheist Rap, Dľa ili Bu, Goblini, etc. Their trademark sound is speed combined with melody and powerful vocals.

Current Members Include: Jovan Kostic (Mandow) – Vocal & Bass, Darko Stojanovic (Dare) – Drums, and Luka Glasnovic (Luka) – Rhythm Guitar

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    After five years of struggle, UPS! (Against the System!) has released their debut album which translated means “Evolution of the Transition” written, performed and recorded in their hometown of Novi Sad at “Socijala Studios”. UPS! is Punk Outlaw Records’ first band signed from outside of the Americas and hails from […]


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