El Terrible Y Los Mongoloides

El Terrible Y Los Mongoloides

Lima Peru has such legendary punk history there are 3 separate and distinct waves dating all the way back before their even was a genre called punk. Yes, we’re serious. The first wave began in the late 1960s with Los Saicos, who some say pioneered the punk sound before even the Ramones or Sex Pistols. (For more info on this fascinating subject, check our article on the subject HERE).

The 2nd and larger wave occurred in the 1980s with bands like Voz Propia, Luzemia and Narcosis propelling the punk scene forward.

Then there is the 3rd wave. Today’s wave of punk artists insuring that punk will always be represented in Peru and smack in the middle of it is El Terrible Y Los Mongoloides (Terrible and the Mongoloids). In addition to having a pretty incredible and unique punk name (in a genre that prides itself on some pretty damned interesting names) they have a pretty strong sound as well.

They successfully mix hardcore vocals with strong, distortion laden guitars and they contributed 2 songs to the Punktology Vol. 1 compilation cd including “Destruir” (Destroy) and “Yo Solo Kiero” (I Only Want).

Look for more music as well as a music video from the Mongoloides soon.



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