Bloody Good Times in Budapest!

As I write this I’m rolling through Serbia on a slow moving train headed to Belgrade. My cabin mates speak a strange (to me) language I can’t begin to understand. It’s hot and I don’t remember sweating so profusely while sitting still in a long time. Rolling by is an intermittent landscape of beautiful greenery as far as the eyes can see followed by small, sleepy villages with people riding bicycles, I get the feeling for more for transportation than recreation.

My mind turns back to Budapest and how “1st world” it seems by comparison. It’s an 8 hour or so train ride and I haven’t eaten since this morning, I’ve seen the only 2 movies I can possibly watch on my laptop and I just can’t read any more books or magazines. I think back to the Kill-Billy show in Budapest and of the bloody good time we had.

It was a hot, humid Friday night in Budapest and time for the big Kill-Billy Psychobilly show. After my interview with punk stalwarts “Bankrupt” it was time to take in some Psychobilly music and hopefully interview the legends in the scene, Gorilla.