Review: Anti-Everything “Children of a Globalised World”

As you may or may not have noticed, we don’t do a lot of CD reviews around here. Partly because I feel “what makes ME qualified to say what music is good, bad or in between”? Basically, I’m just a fan who knows what I like and on occasion I’ll share the love of a particular bit of music with others.

What music gets my motor running may or may not even fit in your gas tank and visa versa. There are so many sub-genres of punk, it sometimes seem a moot point, but one of the biggest joys I get out of punk music are

1) being turned onto new music and artists and

2) turning people on to new music and artists.

So here goes.

You may have been reading our blog last April 2011 we were in Trinidad & Tobago and spent a lot of time with the ONLY punk band for the whole island nation of just over  a million people. That band was Anti-Everything and those guys took really good care of us while we were on their home turf, picking us up from the airport, showing us around and even took us around town to try some of their legendary Trini cuisine including Roti, Shark-N-Bake and Pigs Feet  Souse (yup, I tried it).

But beyond being good guys, I was super impressed by the intelligent lyrics and good music these guys had been consistently cranking out in a place more known for Carnival and Calypso than than a Punk Pit and Hardcore Music.